Li mou a Lawyers
Li mou a have a firm belief of the right of the legal issues, she built around her career commitment to protect the rights of the individual get effective law to help. Li mou to college in a tulane university in the good, graduated with honors, she in public policy. And then, she attended Texas so-and-so to law school, graduated in 1985 with board lawyer honor. She has been an active leadership her peers local and national game together. She is the vice President of the second term. Sarah has worked in seminars on criminal law other lawyers association and NACBA through her.

Bob XX Lawyers
In the high school and university, but he was still a family enterprise in the area. Bob XX has a broad legal experience, is well respected legal community. In 1990, a graduate of the university of guelph in Canada, in his art a bachelor's degree in psychology, Bob Mr. XX received a doctor's degree in 1995 Florida state university law. Have DuoNian experience.